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Syringe Access Resources Online is a project  dedicated to the provision of comprehensive online information about syringe access and the role it plays in preventing the spread of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and other bloodborne diseases. 

It is the philosophy of Syringe Access Resources Online that the dissemination of information about syringe access is vital to achieving a goal of informed decision-making as well as the creation of informed policies surrounding syringe acquisition and possession.

This site features general information about syringe access, a library of news and research, scientific and legal perspectives about syringe access, and information about the experience of syringe access in the United States.

You are invited to participate in the provision of up-to-date information! 

With your help, we can make this the most comprehensive source of information about syringe access possible.  Please send comments, articles, links, and other feedback to the webmaster.

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